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Our Inventory

Our attitude is that everything we have is FOR SALE...if the price is right!

 (Excluding the spouse & the dog.)

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Kajun War Dance - Black & White Tobiano.  Foaled April 10,1994.  Out of Ozark Red Bandana by Superman's War Chief. A proven color producer. (See his pictures and pictures of a few of this year's crop.)  He's versatile: Shows, Trail, Stud.  Intelligent. Well mannered. Easy to handle. More Pictures of Kajun 

Geldings Gelding PicturesCierra's Painted Bandit - Bay & White Gelding.  Foaled Feb 23, 2001, out of Ozark Red Bandana C (Kajun's Mother), by Night Owl.  bandit.JPG

Kajun's Do Say AJ - BLACK & WHITE Tobiano gelding colt foaled May 21, 2002, out of Pride's Jolly Girl. Marked well. aj.jpg

Kajun's Lucky Charm - Grey & White Tobiano gelding foaled Mar 17, 2002. out of Tara's Blue Diamond by Kajun War Dance.  Will be sweet and very natural.  lucky.JPG


Missouri's Honey Bun - 05-27-78 Chestnut out of Red Wing M by MISSOURI TRAVELER.  Jan's first horse.  Still making pretty babies.  Now the best BABY SITTER around!  This year's baby:  Black & White Colt 05-09-04  travelersurprise.jpg 

travelersurprise.jpg (200124 bytes)

Gamble Nancy F - 05-27-86 Sorrel out of Lad's Fancy Lil by Missouri's Fancy Gambler C.  This year's baby:  Bay & White Colt  03-06-04 mrjohnson.jpg

mrjohnson.jpg (197339 bytes)

Miss Winning Colors - 05-20-88 Sorrel out of Sunny Mike Beauty by Rocket's Hijacker.  .

Rockets Brown Sugar - 05-03-89 Champaign out of Southern's Stormy Princess S by Poole's Red Rocket.  This year's baby:  Black & White Filly 05-07-04 sweetsugar.jpg

sweetsugar.jpg (211653 bytes)

Ozark Red Bandana C - 04-15-90 Bay & White Tobiano, out of Sugarfoot's Velvet Slipper C by Mo Ozark Flashdance.  Kajun's Mother. This year's baby (out of Superman's War Chief) Sorrel & White Filly 02-26-04 supergirl.JPG

supergirl.JPG (119300 bytes)

Cebourn's Wheel of Fortune - 05-05-96 Sorrel & White Tobiano, out of Apache's Pumpkin by High Dollar Joe H. This year's baby:  Black & White Colt 01-20-04:  spinagain.jpg

spinagain.jpg (167696 bytes)

Rascal's Morning Glory MN - 04-28-99 Sorrel & White Tobiano, out of Missouri Girl B by Sun's Romeo Rascal B. This year's baby:  Black & White Filly 04-26-04 (might be homozygous)   patches.jpg

patches.jpg (109385 bytes)

Kajun's Little Honey Bun - 05-10-99 Sorrel out of Missouri's Honey Bun by Kajun War Dance.  A natural foxtrotter.  LOVES PEOPLE.

Rascal's Morning Dove MN - Sorrel & White Tobiano Filly Out of Missouri Girl B by Sun's Romeo Rascal B. 05-09-01. This year's baby:  Black & White Filly 05-24-04 (might be homozygous) dancing bird.jpg 

dancingbird.jpg (229266 bytes)

SWC Moon Shadow - 06-11-00 Black & White Tobiano Out of Sun's Diamond Echo A by Superman's War Chief. This year's baby:  Sorrel & White Colt 05-07-04  redshadow.jpg

redshadow.jpg (185072 bytes)

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